Optimize Your Ops: How To Use Process Improvement Routines To Optimize Your Business Initiatives

February 24, 2023

Optimization has been a huge focus for a few of my clients this quarter. And a way that we are actually optimizing their businesses is through using process improvement routines.  One routine that I implement for my clients is called PDSA – or Plan, Do, Study, Act.  PDSA is a research-based improvement routine that guides […]


If you’ve been in the situation where you’re transitioning from one platform (software) to another, you know it comes with the headache and overwhelm of how to begin, how to document & save everything between, and how to set yourself up for success (and be organized out of the gate) with the new platform. Getting […]

Optimize Your Ops: How To Document Your Email Marketing Platform Migration

February 17, 2023


Optimize Your Ops: Ask Me Anything: Offboarding Tips & ClickUp Optimization

February 10, 2023

This past week on my Instagram feed, I opened back up the conversation for another “Ask Me Anything” moment for the Optimize Your Ops series so that I could answer the hard-hitting questions that are top of mind for you as we are entering a new year. This months questions got me pumped and got […]


We’ve all heard it time and again.  “Here’s the XYZ NEXT BEST THING that’s going to get you to the next level.” “If you don’t do this with your operations, then you won’t be successful” While both of those scenarios do have their time and place, it’s just not a realistic standard. There is NO […]

Optimize Your Ops: 4 Rinse & Repeat Steps for Optimizing Your Systems & Leaning Up Your Business Behind The Scenes

January 13, 2023


Optimize Your Ops: 3 Common Misconceptions About Service Providers

January 6, 2023

This is who we are.  Our days are spent serving others, putting out fires, and doing the things no one else wants to do.  We wake up and put ourselves last – because what gets us going, is lending a helping hand and watching meaningful work take your business soaring. We sometimes work late nights […]


A few weeks ago we broke down How To Target 8 Wasted Areas In Your Business In 20 Minutes Or Less using the DOWNTIME acronym to evaluate what areas you can strategically trim down in your business. (If you missed it or need a refresher, check out that blog post here!) This week I want […]

Optimize Your Ops: Optimizing Wasted Time & Space In Your Business

December 23, 2022


Optimize Your Ops: 4 Things To Document During Operational Observation

December 2, 2022

A few weeks ago, I walked through 4 ways to effectively observe your business behind the scenes. (Make sure to check it out here before diving into this step-by-step part 2.)  But what is it that actually needs to happen during that observation process and what do you actually need to document to help keep […]


This past week on my Instagram feed, I opened the door to what it’s like inside the Systems Lounge when members ask daily (or as needed) questions about tech, systems, or behind-the-scenes operations. And I was surprised (aka thrilled) at the questions I got because they ranged from errors, to best practices, and the “why” […]

Optimize Your Ops: Ask Me Anything

November 26, 2022


Optimize Your Ops: 3 Common Questions About Behind-The-Scenes Tech & Automations

November 4, 2022

To automate or NOT to automate. THAT is the question. I get it, automating things isn’t everyones cup of tea. But once you start easing into letting automations work to your advantage, that’s when you start seeing results. Here are 3 common questions I get asked about behind-the-scenes tech & automations: 1️⃣ Why does having […]


The “systems” & operations world is a beast – but only if you let it be. Here are 3 things to consider as a beginner (or just strengthening your knowledge) in the systems world: [1] What’s your priority? So many business owners forget that everything stems from the overall picture and what goal you’re climbing […]

Optimize Your Ops: 3 Things to Consider To Strengthen Your Systems Knowledge

October 14, 2022


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