• Discovering a clear path to how you systems are operating behind the scenes and knowing how to continually optimize and troubleshoot without rework or wasting time and money. 

  • Finally feeling confident moving forward in your business with the clarity in how your are delivering.

  • Creating more space in your business to DO more of the things you have always kept on the back burner. 

  • Finally having a lean, condensed, & effective software stack that takes your client experience to the next level. 



Understanding what optimizing your backend systems will do for your business is crucial. If you've already clarified your personalized path to having structured, automated, & optimized back end systems, you can finally start taking the next steps to stay organized and minimize friction as you grow. I’m here to help by providing a structured approach to how clean up & simplify your operations and leverage a lean, effective software stack. 

There is NO level of perfection that everyone across the board can achieve immediately, or at all, if we are being honest. But what you CAN do, is optimize and lean out your operations & platforms in a way that works BEST FOR YOU. 

It’s time to pin-point what’s causing the chaos and misalignment in your business back-end. And, to solve and troubleshoot with REALISTIC expectations and timelines for yourself and your team, to reduce overwhelm & burnout.

There isn’t a magic “save all” formula that is cut and paste that will transform EVERYONE. But making sure you go through the BASE STEPS is what is going to get you to YOUR magic formula. 

Are you ready to finally have a clear vision on how your systems are operating behind the scenes and know how to continually optimize and troubleshoot without rework or wasting time and money?

Your next steps:

Systems Elevation Toolkit


The more time you spend auditing your backend now, the less time you’ll spend troubleshooting later. Getting in the habit of doing a quick systems audit either once a quarter or twice a year will help you keep running like a lean machine.

Systems Audit Checklist 



It's time you FINALLY take the actionable next steps on the path to having structured, automated, & optimized back end systems so you can stay organized and minimize friction as you grow.



Stuck behind the fear, uncertainty and confusion of having your backend setup like the bigshots? Not sure where to get started or what you ACTUALLY NEED to feel like your operations make sense? Grab the Systems Survival Toolkit to strengthen the backbone of your internal operations.

Systems Survival Toolkit


You’ve audited your internal operations, you’ve filled in the gaps of what key elements you didn’t have, and now you’re ready to plan out what to do next. The Systems Elevation Roadmap takes you through finalizing your dream systems suite.

Systems Elevation Roadmap


LEAN is all about cutting the waste. I’m taking you through the Lean Fundamental Pillars to provide an understanding of the intentions behind introducing efficiency in your business. Diving into things with a “lean perspective” will ensure you’ll always be approach things in the most efficient and effective way.

Lean Foundations Guide


One way to get you on the path to revamping your systems, is having a strong approach to your project management. Inside the ClickUp Basics Guide I’m walking you through the functions that will help you get organized and setup for productivity without overwhelm

ClickUp Basics Guide



Hi! I’m Brooke, your friendly neighborhood Operations Analyst. 

Whether I’m performing a platform migration, stripping your tech and piecing together the automations that matter, or revamping the current strategy to up-level a launch, I’m truly living my best life.

I'm here to help you finally uncover your clear pathway to optimized behind-the-scenes systems and help you navigate your troubleshooting without rework or wasting time and money.

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