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VIP Implementation Days

Implementation Days are my newest VIP Day offer where, together, we focus on a project inside of your business and knock it out! From funnel behaviors & integrations or starting from the bottom up in building your project management platform, we can focus where you need it most. Head to the page to learn more and fill out an inquiry form and I will get you on the books!


1:1 Operations Support

Looking for a right hand? Your search ends here! The books are open for ongoing 1:1 Operations Support. Being an Implementation Strategist, I thrive in all things tech, operations, systems, funnels, admin, business - you name it, I got you! Behind the scenes operations are my JAM and I’m here to help take yours from cluttered to seamless. 


AnnMarie Rose

INSTAGRAM - @askannmarierose

Interested in my work with 1:1 clients? Hear about transformations from clients themselves!

Melissa Litchfield

INSTAGRAM - @litchfieldmedia

Systems Audit

Needing to get rid of the cobwebs in one of your platforms running behind the scenes? In my systems audit, I will comb through your systems (platform of choice) and optimize a game plan for streamlining your operations and workflow while providing guidance on new/potential automations, sprucing up your SOPS, and walk you through how to start implementing new, lean initiatives on the fly. (Examples: Task Management Platforms, Google Drive Organization, CRM Platforms, Etc.)


The Systems Lounge

If you’re a service provider looking for extra eyes on your setups or guidance in navigating your systems journey, this is the place to take off the pressure & get REAL behind-the-scenes so that you can finally create the systems you’ve dreamed of for YOU and your clients. This is a collaborative experience where you can connect with others and get your questions answered in real time without a hig-ticket investment. 

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Savannah Meikamp

"Working with Brooke was the best thing I could've done in this season in business. Sometimes you just need someone who *gets it*. She was able to take all the information I had, and implement it thoroughly and timely, and it took the heaviest weight off my shoulders as I prepped for this launch. I truly think she was 1000% worth the investment. If you need someone you can trust will get the job done well and on time, then work with her- yesterday. Working with Brooke helped me focus on where I needed to focus- and not be stuck doing mundane technical things I'm not even good at. It not only gave me time back, but peace of mind."

INSTAGRAM - @savannahmeikamp

Ashley DeLuca

"Brooke made it insanely easy for me to get a new landing page put together for my new product launch. She helped guide me when it came to the colors, and fonts, and brought a cohesive feel from my brand to my landing page! Hiring Brooke allowed me to stay in my zone of genius which is focusing on my 1:1 client work and showing up on IG as opposed to trying to figure out the tech of my landing page."

INSTAGRAM - @ashleykdeluca

Marie Wold

"Having Brooke in my business brought things to the next level-- we became so much more organized, detail-oriented, and on top of things thanks to her! I don't think there's a part of my business that Brooke didn't improve! Whether it was our client delivery, tech automations, or upgrading our back-end systems, Brooke was always looking for ways to streamline and elevate our operations!"

INSTAGRAM - @marieewold

Brittany Keeling

"Brooke came into my business when I DESPERATELY needed qualified help. I was just coming off of having to fire an employee who just wasn't performing up to standard. Brooke came in with immense determination and attention to detail and helped us turn things around in record time.Having someone on the team who grasps the vision and executes with excellence makes all the difference in having peace of mind and knowing things are running up to our standards. I know that everything Brooke does will be executed with critical thinking to ensure all the bases are covered."

INSTAGRAM - @brittanyannette

Deanna Wolfe

"Brooke was organized and set up systems I haven't had the time to sit down and do myself! She build out standard operating procedures for my online programs and created gorgeous templates for me to use for marketing as we continue to grow and expand. Brooke was great and has shown me how much a VA was needed in my business to save me HOURS every day and week! I can get SO MUCH more done without the little tasks that I would spend too much time on."

INSTAGRAM - @dietitiandeanna

Reshanda Oldham

"Brooke gave me an in-depth overview of ClickUp and how to use it effectively for my business as well as for client management. It gave me the confidence I needed to start using it immediately. I also appreciate being provided with a template so I could begin customizing for my own use."


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