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Brooke Scott serves in project management focusing on client deliverables for launching, operations, and automated systems. Coupled with her drive and consistency, her desire to serve and help others are the building blocks of her foundation in helping to accelerate her client’s workflows.

Brooke believes accountability and clarity are keys to elevating success, a practice she demonstrates through communication, and restorative strategies. Her background in diverse administrative roles in the corporate setting, have helped develop and define her approach to efficiency and productivity in the online space. She is eager to approach new challenges to activate her restorative qualities and present new a perspective. Brooke focuses her mindset on intention within her performance in the workplace through continual professional development and belief.

Her motivation and drive contribute to her achievement in an advanced professional degree, as well as her success and growth within her occupational history. She assists in improving productivity across the Agency 23 team, by implementing management methods and ensuring a consistent flow within day-to-day operations.

Brooke Scott, MBA

Want more insight in how I work for & with others? Check out my results from common personality & strength focused assessments. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths: Restorative, Responsibility, Achiever, Belief, Positivity
Enneagram Type: 6w5
Kolbe Index: 7815

From growing up on the farm raising livestock, to co-founding Agency 23, LLC, Brance is focused in consistent equality and treatment of others, honesty, and providing a level of service that is based in thorough communication and execution.

Brance Scott specializes in analytical and technical troubleshooting, as well as systems configuration for client deliverables. He conducts system analysis to determine blocks in automations to prevent workflows from shifting from seamless and ideal to inactive and broken. 

He provides strategic support to clients through evaluating the foundation of business models to formulate initiatives to increase productivity and decrease the waste. His passion is to help coaches and business owners optimize their processes and take care of the little details so that they can focus on driving up revenue and achieving optimal business growth. 

Gallup CliftonStrengths: Restorative, Consistency, Positivity, Analytical, Adaptability
MBTI Type: ISTJ - Introversion, Sensing (Observant), Thinking, Judging 
Enneagram Type: 5

brance scott

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I help restore entrepreneurs platforms, systems & funnel flow to ace their client delivery and optimize their operations behind the scenes.

Based in Lubbock, Texas, but serving clients worldwide.

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