Simplifying Your Systems One Step At a Time

Friendly Neighborhood Operations Analyst at your service! Minus the whole social-thing. 

Hi! I'm Brooke!

I'm an introvert - just text me. 

But don’t get me wrong… I’ll connect, collab, work (or go to Target) with anyone! I just thrive at home in my pajamas watching ridiculous reality tv. But… that comes second to what I absolutely love doing. Which is serving others in this community as an Operations Analyst.

Whether I’m performing a platform migration, stripping your tech and piecing together the automations that matter, or revamping the current strategy to up-level a launch, I’m truly living my best life. 

Sound like gibberish? Let’s break it down. 

Being an Ops Analyst entails lean development and problem solving with a restorative approach. It means reviewing, collecting, and analyzing all the nitty-gritty data behind-the-scenes.

Being an Ops Analyst is creating & maintaining a knock-out approach to revamping your workflows to catch and fill in the gaps you never knew existed. 

Being an Ops Analyst is the understanding of the ins and outs of your data to truly analyze its purpose and performance.

But, Being an Ops Analyst means more than the cold hard facts. Being is what sets everything apart.

Being is the...
  • Embodiment of showing up, focusing, presence, and performance. 
  • Fulfillment of clear thoughts and intentions.
  • Release of the ‘enoughness’ & ‘perfectionism’ to exist in what IS and take action in what CAN.
  • Philosophy of absolute existence - no matter the circumstances that surround it. The ACTION of full investment. 

Being is my favorite part of the job. I might do it with a punch of sarcasm here and there, but I’m doing it with all of me, because BEING is what fulfills me. 

And a few other random facts you didn't ask for but get anyway...
  • I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Personal Finance (and PTSD from all the accounting that came with it)
  • I’m an strong Ennegram 6w5 through-and-through. While it comes with some worry, I use that awareness and my #1 strength - restorative - to my advantage. I consider all the possibilities for success and failure, and how to navigate through them both. 
  • I have two sweet-but-psycho pups. One with little-man sydrome who weighs a whopping 30 pounds but thinks he's 100 pounds. And, one who is 60 pounds who thinks he's a lap dog. Balance right?
  • My husband and I practically live at the movie theater, so if you have any recs - DM me ASAP because I already wanna see it. 
  • I’m a sucker for sweets. So don’t ask me if I want dessert - because the answer is always yes. Especially if it involves oreos. 

...I’m probably still glued to my computer screen either watching YouTube videos or playing games. Nights I get to spend at home with my husband while we both play games on our separate gaming consoles is pure bliss. Us both in our relaxed and creative elements are what puts the cherry on top of any day.

When I’m not glued to my computer screen...