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Optimizing Your Ops: 3 Steps to Streamlining Your Roadmap to Automating Your Business

We’ve all been there.

Looking for…

A way to make things easier.

A way to cut out the mess of steps that don’t really matter.

But the process of finding HOW to do that, can be just as stressful.

Looking at things from a LEAN perspective, will help identify & eliminate the waste in your daily operations. 🤓

✨ Here’s a simple 3-step approach to streamlining your roadmap to automating your business:

1️⃣ Platform Research

A key in being able to implement all the things, is taking the time to research platforms you are considering using to meet your business needs. From onboarding process with a CRM, to hosting your membership on a specific course platform and everything else that happens in between – these platforms are ALL equally important when it comes to the capability of automations.

With that being said – don’t just sign up for a platform because you’ve heard “great things” or because your business bestie uses it too. If it doesn’t integrate (talk to behind the scenes) with your other platforms (or at LEAST Zapier) then it’s going to be more of a headache for you when you’re trying to setup, manage, and maintain that piece of your operations.

There are limitations to some platforms and some are able to integrate their own automations without using an outside source. Take the time to trial and research how platforms can best suit you depending on how your operations flow AND how you WANT them to flow if they haven’t been set up yet.

2️⃣ Strategic Planning & Outlining

Formulating a CONCISE strategic plan and keeping it specific to your mission & goals will help navigate dependencies (things that happen because something else happened) that are required to glue all the pieces together (aka the automations holding things in place).

A tip here – revise & rewrite!

The more comfortable you are with your plan & business model, the easier it’s going to be to weed out all the unnecessary things that aren’t in line with it.

Your automations aren’t a specific initiative. They are the supporting factors in your business plan that help achieve task a, get to task b, and everything else that follows.

Once you’re down to the bones of what needs to happen in your business (according to plan), outline where you could use automations, where you might need to outsource, and where you are still unclear.

Having the clarity in where you are in the formulation stage will help guide you into seeking out additional help if it makes sense for you.

3️⃣ Integration & Automation

Plug it all in! You’ve selected and tested your platforms and you’ve mapped out what needs to happen & when… now AUTOMATE & watch the magic happen! ✨

Creating automated flows in your business doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Enjoy the process of deciding what you’re using, how you’re using it, and how it makes sense to keep your business running efficiently.

Don’t get triggered by creating triggers! They may end up changing your business game! 😉

Brooke Scott, MBA

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