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Optimize Your Ops: 4 Rinse & Repeat Steps for Optimizing Your Systems & Leaning Up Your Business Behind The Scenes

We’ve all heard it time and again. 

“Here’s the XYZ NEXT BEST THING that’s going to get you to the next level.”

“If you don’t do this with your operations, then you won’t be successful”

While both of those scenarios do have their time and place, it’s just not a realistic standard. There is NO level of perfection that everyone across the board can achieve immediately, or with a snap of a finger or a quick plug-and-play template.

But what you CAN do, is optimize and lean out your operations and platforms in a way that works BEST FOR YOU.

Here is a 4-step rinse and repeat process you can do RIGHT NOW to start optimizing your operations & leaning up the platforms and systems you use in your business:

1️⃣ Collect the Data

In the same way as having to take a step before you can run, you have to analyze before you can start “leaning up” your business. Start reframing the way you manage your workflows. Collect and categorize your data into buckets so that you can start trimming the fat which will ultimately save you time and money. 

2️⃣ Cut the Fluff

After you’ve worked through the kinks and collected the data, it’s time to reduce the friction between points A and B so the client journey is seamless. Here is where you actually get LEAN and cut out what shouldn’t be there, cut out what is wasting space, and cut out steps that can simplify the process.

3️⃣ Connect the Dots

After pulling the weeds and cutting out what isn’t needed, you can start looking for ways and potential tools that can help streamline the process and reconnect the dots. Here is where you can start integrating and implementing new systems, processes, and automations that make the most sense for your individualized approach.

4️⃣ Create the Dream Delivery

Once you’ve reached the point of clarity and optimization, you’re ready to take the steps through your client journey both internally and externally to see how your new approach is flowing. 

There isn’t a magic “save all” formula that is cut and paste that will transform EVERYONE. But making sure you go through the BASE STEPS is what is going to get you to YOUR magic formula. 

You have the ability to save time and money by finding what works best for you. The more times you apply those 4 steps to your processes, the quicker you’re going to get to consistency across the board.

You don’t have to plug and play someone elses ideal scenario. 

You have permission to create your own!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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