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Optimize Your Ops: The Importance of Transparency With Teams & Clients

In this industry, we are accustomed to working with multiple teams of various sizes and multiple clients on a revolving timeframe and it can easily get clustered and things can fall through the cracks.

While there are different strategies in staying organized and connected to your team, transparency is one of the MAIN keys that aids to effective communication and overall deliverable turnaround with your team and clients.

Let’s dive in deeper and touch on the 3 “why’s” behind the importance of transparency when working with larger teams and multiple clients.

1️⃣ Mistakes

If you can’t be transparent about where you fall short (we are all human and none of us are perfect) then the deliberation of tasks and projects aren’t going to be as smooth and could cause friction between your team and clients. 

Being transparent in your mistakes shows ownership, reliability, and trust. It also encourages others to be more transparent in their mistakes with you, leading to a well-rounded relationship.

2️⃣ Assumptions & Confusion

The more you are transparent with others, the less room there is to assume, blame, or be confused. Assuming and created confusion only opens the door for friction in your relationships which can lead to tasks or projects not being completed.

If you rely on assumptions versus effective and transparent communication (without blame), you’re creating relationships that are based on fear instead of connection and trust.

3️⃣ Meaningful Work

The more transparent you are with your team and clients, the more MEANINGFUL WORK is created.  Meaningful work is work that fulfills the team and accomplishes more than what is set out to accomplish. 

The more meaningful work is practiced, the quicker goals will get reached and accomplished.

If producing a LEAN organization across your team & client roster is something that is important to you, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram here and let’s talk more about what initiatives you can implement across your team so that your working relationship can grow stronger while your productivity increases.  

My approach to team communication and collaboration is structured using LEAN fundamentals. From process improvement routines, to KPI tracking, the foundation of your systems and team performance is ROOTED in LEAN practicing and stems from how your foundation and team are connected and performing.

Comment below or send me a DM on Instagram and let’s chat more about what transparency with your clients and team means to you!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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