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Optimize Your Ops: Aligning Your Business Goals To Your Bottom Line Using Cascading Metrics

Aren’t sure if your goals & metrics are actually aligned with the bottom line of your business? (aka – if you’re actually doing meaningful work that is making a difference)

Let’s break it down.

When you’re just getting started setting goals, metrics, & KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business, it’s hard to determine what actually needs to be tracked and if that data is doing anything for you or not.

Next time you take time to plan out what goals you’re looking to achieve, try using cascading metrics.

Cascading metrics are a method of logical thinking through your KPI’s (key performance indicators) to explain how your metrics are contributing to your bottom line and overall mission & vision.

Using this method, you take a look at things in a tiered approach (either from the bottom-up or top-down). Here’s an example of how to plug in cascading metrics for mapping out the relationship between the bottom line of your business and the actionable steps needing to be taken to get there:

  • [TOP] Your vision, mission, & values
  • [NEXT] Your executive goals. (Financial, Budget, etc)
  • [NEXT] Your department goals. (Operations, Marketing, etc)
  • [NEXT] Your team goals. (Communication, Actual Plan & Tasks, etc)
  • [BOTTOM] Your individual goals. (What you’re doing to contribute to the team goals.)

No matter how you’re looking at it (top-down or bottom-up), you can see how each goal is connected and what it’s directly related to for improvement – ALL the way back to the bottom line. 

Here’s another example of how to use this approach:

  • [TOP] Your vision, mission, & values
  • [NEXT] Meeting your monthly audience goals
  • [NEXT] Outreach & marketing that needs to happen
  • [NEXT] Lead generation focus
  • [BOTTOM] Expand on campaigns, create potential new optin, & connect via email marketing & socials

Your operations don’t have to be the thing you put on the back burner because it’s too intense. Break things down step by step and you’ll start seeing how the journey comes together.

Brooke Scott, MBA

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