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Optimize Your Ops: 4 Things To Document During Operational Observation

A few weeks ago, I walked through 4 ways to effectively observe your business behind the scenes. (Make sure to check it out here before diving into this step-by-step part 2.) 

But what is it that actually needs to happen during that observation process and what do you actually need to document to help keep you on track?

Let’s break down 4 things to document when you’re in a state of observing the behind-the-scenes of your business.

1️⃣ The Obvious – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean “the obvious things that are wrong”. Document the obvious to YOU. 

What does that mean? It means everything involving the ins-and-outs of each process. What does the process look like to you? Who’s apart of the process? What is the outcome of the process? What platform are you using? And so on… 

“The Obvious” is what is popping out at YOU individually. Not everyone sees things the same way – this might seem like a silly thing to document, but it might be the answer that solves the problem after you and your team come together with the results.

2️⃣ Barriers, Obstacles & Interruptions – As you go through your business behind-the-scenes (whether you’re looking at a process, a platform, tasks, etc.) what barriers are coming up for you? 

What are the obstacles standing in the way of something getting completed? What interruptions are popping up? Is it the time to do something? Is it a platform or tech being stubborn? What’s out of alignment?

It’s important to sift through these specifically so that you can eliminate the wasted time, tasks, and energy that are going into doing something. No one wants to do a time consuming task that has no purpose. 

Take some time here to outline where the barriers are living and what you can do to eliminate them.

3️⃣ Who Is Effected By This? – From start to finish of a process, a key element for completing something efficiently is focusing on who is effected. 

What hands have to touch this task, process, product, etc., to reach the end goal? How can you reduce the amount of hands in the pot? 

The more streamlined your team is with who is doing what behind the scenes will eliminate unnecessary steps and you’ll be able to get things done FASTER.

4️⃣ The Learning Process – While not everything has or needs a standard operating procedure (SOP), there is a learning process to how something is executed. 

Take into consideration the initial steps in the learning process so that you know what to look for when determining if something is complete or not. 

Documenting how something SHOULD happen, opens the door to what COULD benefit that process later on.

After going through these steps, and the previous steps in the initial observation process, your standard operating procedures (SOPs) AND your understanding of how things are moving in and out of your business will start transforming from cluttered to seamless.

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Brooke Scott, MBA

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