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Optimize Your Ops: Ask Me Anything

This past week on my Instagram feed, I opened the door to what it’s like inside the Systems Lounge when members ask daily (or as needed) questions about tech, systems, or behind-the-scenes operations. And I was surprised (aka thrilled) at the questions I got because they ranged from errors, to best practices, and the “why” behind certain platforms. And that’s what I love breaking down. 

The Questions/Topics Covered & Broken Down Below: 

  1. Formatting Errors in ActiveCampaign Emails
  2. How To Use Dubsado In Your Business
  3. Automations VS Campaigns for Split Testing in ActiveCampaign
  4. Automating Call Recordings & Uploading to Kajabi

Let’s cut to the chase and dive in! 

1️⃣ Question 1: “I’m drafting an email inside of ActiveCampaign and I’m not making the email copy (settings) to be the full width of the email margins and am wanting things to be left aligned. However, when I go to test the email, the desktop version is showing up right but the mobile version is showing up funky. How can I get these settings to stay?”

The ONE downfall with ActiveCampaign (which, I’m glad you can test before sending) is that sometimes the formatting inside an email campaign doesn’t save if you aren’t aware of where the auto save is being updated. Especially if you are copy/pasting text from a Google/Word Doc to ActiveCampaign OR using a previously created template. If your practice is to write the email copy in a doc and copy/pasting things once its written, it’s important to keep in mind the formatting settings of your Google/Word Doc. Make sure to keep things uniform, single spaced, same font styles, etc. and leave the actual “formatting” to your preference INSIDE of ActiveCampaign.

For this situation, I would suggest starting over and creating a new text block to make sure it saves. Saving mishaps happen ALL the time. Especially with alignment, bolding, italics, font choices, etc.

Create a new block with the right settings, then make sure to click outside of the text block and look at the right hand side to make sure the changes are saved (it should say when the last change was made – I would make sure to wait until the minute changes so you know it’s capturing) and then I would retest it to yourself. 

If you set yourself up with a solid, clean template, you can reduce errors in your formatting moving forward. (Just make sure to always test before sending or scheduling things out!) 

2️⃣ Question 2: “Help me understand what Dubsado would be used for in my business? Sorry if that’s a totally dumb question. I know it can send and get people to sign contracts which is huge. What else? And what plan is necessary if (I think) that’s all I may need it for? Do you use it for your scheduler and sending emails for appointments using automated workflows or do you use your email platform (like an ActiveCampaign/Aweber type) for that?”

Great questions! Dubsado is a CRM you can use for lead capture forms & questionnaires that filter into your lead management process so you can keep any and all potential clients in one area.

From there you can manage sending out proposals, testimonial forms, invoicing, contracts, and more! It automates your entire onboarding process (and offboarding and everything between) so that the journey is seamless. Plus it has your scheduler so that everything in regards to your CRM (customer relationship management) system is all in one area since it’s related.

I use ActiveCampaign for my general email list and marketing materials. I don’t personally use it for client management other than tagging a contact as a client, because I work 1:1 with people and not in a group setting. If I did a group I would use it for communication updates.

Dubsado also gives your customer more options to pay via PayPal, their bank, credit card and more.

If you were to get it for your business, I’d suggest setting up your onboarding process first and automating it completely so that when people fill out a form, they can book appointments, get updates, and see all their forms in one place. The clients have a portal view and it gives them a hub for all their invoices, communication with you, forms, etc. which is really convenient for the entire CRM process.

3️⃣ Question 3: “Do I want to be working within automations or campaigns inside of ActiveCampaign? We want to split test the subject line and from name, determine the winner from x amount of people, and then send the winner from there. And the sequence is like — email 1. Send email 2 immediately if link clicked in email 1, otherwise send email 2 in 24 hours. Same with email 2–>3. And then it goes on from there.”

In automations you would use a “conditional split” under conditions when you’re setting up a new action in the automation! While you can do split testing in both automations and single campaigns, for this scenario I would stick to the automation so that the sequence is seamless given then splits and time frame. Inside the automation, click add a new action, then conditions, then split!

4️⃣ Question 4: “Do you know how I can automate recorded coaching calls to Kajabi?”

You can automate the first portion of the process (in this Standard Operating Procedure for Kajabi Coaching Calls), however with Zapier’s limitations with Kajabi, there will still need to be a manual upload. 

BUT – with the first notification being automated, you can make sure to get that recording uploaded as soon as it’s finished processing (because you’ll get that notification.) 

What you would want to do is first set up a Zap (Zapier) that will act as the anchor to the behavior of your Zoom recording being finished processing. The next step will need to be the act of how you want to notify yourself (or your team – admin role) of the processed recording. For this example, I’ll use ClickUp! Step 2 will be to create a new task (on the admin persons to-do list and assigned to them) to upload the newly processed recording to Kajabi. With this being triggered immediately from the recording processing, you aren’t wasting time in between and can get those recordings up for your clients asap! 

What I like to do additionally in step 2 is add a link in the description of the ClickUp task to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for this process so that no matter who ends up with this task, they have a quick reference to the actual SOP. 

Here are the Zapier steps broken down:

  1. New recording in Zoom is processed
  2. Create a task

That’s a wrap! Thank you to all who dropped your questions! Being able to assist others in cleaning up their operational navigation, learning a new platform or finding ways to tweak things, is incredibly fulfilling and the bread and butter of what I love to do!  

In the Systems Lounge this format is open at anytime for you to ask a question (via comments, Loom walkthroughs, or messages) and get the response and guidance to your question without having to hire out (high-ticket) for support! Interested in getting support (and quick answers) like this on YOUR time for $37 a month? Join us in the Systems Lounge here today!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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(Affiliate Link) Dubsado: dubsado.com/?c=agency23 

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