Optimize Your Ops: 3 Things To Keep In Mind To Help Maintain Your Funnels

It’s probably NOT what you think.

People THINK that bringing in an expert to help with your funnel is “plug & play” and that all you need is a template, your plan, and BOOM it’s done and you don’t have to manage things or keep up with how things are set up and connected.

If only it was THAT simple 🙄

If you want a SOLID system & strategy in place that actually converts, you need to know the understanding behind the funnel and what the REALITY includes so that you can avoid dealing with funnel nightmares when they come up.

I get it, it’s EASY to slap a bandaid on the integration pieces of funnel builds.

You know… JUST tweaking that Zapier connection without relying on testing… OR trying to check off the boxes of what needs to get done, rather than actually setting things up with the consumer journey in mind.

But the reality is when you do this – you set up BIGGER problems for yourself later on.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when it comes to the creation & maintenance of your funnel builds:

1️⃣ Prework – Everything stems from your prework & funnel outline. Make sure you’re really getting detailed here with ideal practices and the purpose of what the funnel solves. 

Being more defined here will help you determine where connections are failing when you run into errors. It’s more than outlining the moving pieces, what goes where, or when everything is supposed to happen. In your pre-work, you need to incorporate strategy into your ideal flow. 

Truly setting intentions with purpose in each tag, click, split automation — and of course, all from the consumer perspective — is vital for having the profitable funnel flow of your dreams.

2️⃣ Reverse Engineering – After planning and documenting each piece in your pre-work phase, take the time to move through the build in reverse – from the final step to the initial step – to help get super fine-tuned into any gaps. 

It has to make sense from beginning to end [obviously] but ALSO from the end to the beginning. 

If you’re catching gaps, it may be a sign to rethink the consumer journey or a sign to revisit your strategic plan. 

3️⃣ Get Familiar with Error – It happens… literally ALL the time. So don’t get frustrated. And DON’T place blame on your team (or whoever is helping with the setup). 

Take it as an opportunity to REALLY learn how things work and are connected so that when you’re setting things up and fixing things in the future, you’re not wasting time OR causing a fuss – (trust me, the world will keep turning).

Stop trying to take the shortcut – bandaids only hold for so long. If you want to truly make a difference, then LET yourself and give yourself the grace and space to learn. It’s that simple.

What misconceptions have you heard or experienced about funnel builds and keeping them fine-tuned? Comment below and let me know!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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