Optimize Your Ops: 5 Key Benefits Of Incorporating Improvement Routines Into Your Workflow

Improving your workflow is one thing but doing it in a way that actually shows the increase to your bottom line is another.

Here are 5 key benefits of incorporating improvement routines into your workflow:

[1] Knowing WHY

Real change comes from KNOWING why & then explaining the why. Knowing why you’re doing something is more important than knowing how to do something else. Having the understanding under your belt will help you expand the how, later.

[2] Top-Notch Team Culture

Encouraging an environment of constant learning opens the door to opportunities in benefiting your team. Problems, tech errors, and barriers come and go. Knowing how to problem solve and incorporate those restorative qualities into your culture will keep you ahead of the curve. 

Be excited to fail, because failure means there’s something new to learn and to master.

[3] Minimal Waste

Identifying wasted time, energy, clicks, money, etc., improves productivity across your entire team. The more you can eliminate and condense within your understanding of your “why”, the simpler and ALIGNED your processes will be.

[4] Evergreen Improvement

Encouraging small wins through improvement routines transforms into a rapid snowball effect of wins and continual improvement toward the bigger picture. These small wins show your team the small results of their work which encourages the culture to build itself.

[5] Aligned Metrics Tracking

Identifying your leading indicators to improve your context and answer questions is what drives you to make more informed decisions. Data = STRONG decision-making.

Are you using any strategic routines to get deeper inside your business? DM me on Instagram here and let me know!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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