Optimize Your Ops: 4 Ways To Effectively Observe Your Business Behind The Scenes

You might know how you want to improve a few things behind the scenes of your business, but do you know how to effectively observe the data that’s flying through the air?

And more importantly… what to even do with that?

Today I’m walking through 4 ways you can start effectively observing your business to increase your bottom line RIGHT NOW!

[1] Systems Rounding – While working in the online space, we can’t physically “round” on our team members and departments, what we CAN do is “make rounds” on our systems. 

What does that mean? It means doing a weekly checkin on how your systems are setup and moving so that anything that isn’t setup correctly, can be fixed sooner rather than later! 

Start by listing what top 3-5 priorities each of your current systems are focusing on right now. If there is something connected that is causing more tech issues or you’re spending more money on, go ahead and add it to your “pending” list for the next time you round to see if it aligns with your current priorities or plan!

[2] Defects VS What Actually Works – Sit down and make 2 lists. One, listing what defects (or inconsistencies/errors) you run into within your workflow. Another, listing what’s actually working well for you in your business & that is connected with your bottom line. 

Once you have both lists, you can start comparing and contrasting where things are disconnecting and start making a plan, in the coming quarter, to fix those defects. 

It also gives you an opportunity to start expanding in the areas that are working for you. Start doing MORE initiatives around what’s working and you’ll start seeing things move quicker (and in your favor more often). 

[3] First Hand Facts & Listening – This is where you start involving your team MORE. And by more, I mean LESS assigning tasks, and MORE letting your team lean into their zone of genius. 

Letting your team members take full ownership of what they are supporting you with will open the door to possibilities you might not have thought of. 

Taking their first hand knowledge (since their hands are on things everyday) and effectively listening to the gaps they are seeing or concerns that they have, will not only increase your employee moral & bring the team closer, but you’ll start tackling things you didn’t even know you needed to.

[4] Team Involvement – Similar to letting your team own their zone of genius, start involving your team outside of their recurring tasks. Start having those discussions that truly get everyone on board involved. 

Opening up the floor to conversations outside of “roles” or “job duties” and just considering others perspectives will strengthen your planning & brainstorming phases of your business development so that you can start strengthening your deliverables for clients. 

It’s less about giving more work to your team and MORE about strategically involving everyones zone of genius.

Brooke Scott, MBA

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