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Optimize Your Ops: 3 Everyday Business Habits To Help You Organize Your Systems On The Fly

It’s that time again! You know, that weekly series I introduced last week? It’s back! And this week on Optimze Your Ops: A Problem Solving Series, I’m talking about business habits that can help you organize your systems on the fly. 

These few tips have helped me refocus when I’m scattered and absolutely keep me on track when I lose my footing. 

Here are 3 easy everyday business habits to help you organize your systems on the fly:

#1 – “Don’t put it down, put it away.” – As someone with ADHD, I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me in the long run. For example, let’s say I grabbed the mail and noticed there was junk. Instead of throwing it on top of the ever-growing pile of junk mail on the kitchen table, I can just shred it or throw it away. The same applies to how your business can maintain it’s organization. If you onboard a new client, finish the onboarding process (your exact SOP) before you skip a step or move onto a different task. The point is to focus on one thing at a time, and finish it (of course, if you’re able to) instead of putting it on the back burner and letting things build up to where you don’t even want to touch it. 

#2 – Manage your recurring task list, everyday. That means if something comes up on your list that is a recurring item (happens every X day) but it doesn’t apply anymore, change it when you see it. Don’t let those recurring tasks get off track and in the way of your productivity. I know how even seeing SO many tasks on your plate for the day can really throw you off. So, start getting intentional about it. Clean it up, everyday. Delete things that are common sense (not everything needs a physical task to check off – trust me). If you get in the habit of prioritizing (see last week’s edition on prioritization here) and managing your tasks daily, it will get easier to actually get them done. 

#3 – If something pops up (either an idea or a problem) introduce using a running “To Address” list. For me, while I use ClickUp for my project management and actual task list, I use Google Tasks (pops up on the right-hand side of whatever Google App you’re in – mail, calendar, docs, etc.). It gives me that quick-easy access to items that hold a little more importance than my normal task list or just for things I want to make sure I can quickly reference or keep on my radar.

Organizing your business doesn’t have to be a black and white process, a template or a passed-down magic trick. It can be that simple. Prioritze, maintain, and keep the consistency and you’ll be able to organize on the fly! (And get SO much time back into your day.)

See you next week!

Brooke Scott, MBA

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