Optimize Your Ops: 3 Things to Do Right Now to Clean Up Your Systems Foundation

Last week I introduced a new weekly series to my email list, Optimize Your Ops: A Problem Solving Series, and decided to begin sharing these inside the blog so that whether you’re a part of the family or new to the game, you can take part in this series for tips, tricks, best practices and so much goodness that is to come with Optimize Your Ops: A Problem Solving Series.

This weekly series is all about literally “Optimizing Your Ops” so that you can start implementing on the fly. 

In last week’s edition, I touched on a few things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to clean up your systems foundation (aka the place you spend the majority of your time in your business). 

Let’s dive straight in – because we’re efficient here, right? No fluff! 

#1 – Start looking at things with a streamlined & LEAN planning lens. Before you can incorporate changes that are going to benefit your backend systems organization, you have to look at things with an eye that is searching to cut the waste. A great place to start in this step is analyzing the amount of steps/clicks that you have in a certain process. Is there a way to consolidate them, condense them, or even get rid of them altogether? The idea is to have a process that doesn’t have too many steps to streamline productivity and performance. (Ex. How many steps does one of your SOP’s have? How can you condense that even further? Can you automate anything?) 

#2 – Set aside 10-15 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to focus on yourself outside of client interaction & work. In order to advance & grow; the focus needs to start incorporating YOU. Take some intentional small blocks of time to start really nailing how you are showing up for yourself. As a booked-out & busy service provider (like you), a lot of times I don’t have time for myself if I don’t MAKE the time. All it takes is literally adding 15 minutes at the beginning of your day (or during your day) to shift and focus on how you are showing up for yourself and the online community. Remember – YOU are the one bringing in clients. So if you don’t focus on showing up as YOU – you might be missing out on potential income or opportunities. 

#3 – Shift your daily planning from dumping all the to-dos on your plate, to bite sized chunks of priorities instead. Focusing in a way that tackles your priorities first is a guaranteed approach that will ensure you’re staying on time, on track, and giving yourself the space to clean up the chaos that is behind you. Start by listing your top 3 priorities for the day. (Maybe that means 3 priorities per client or 3 priorities in general.) Whatever the focus needs to be, cut down everything else. You can’t perform as your best if you aren’t able to energetically be fully present. So get intentional with how you are planning your days. If you have time after your priorities are done – AMAZING! What you do with the rest of the time is up to you! You can shift to focus on yourself, work ahead, OR (the best option) – take a break! You got your pressing items taking care of – so celebrate that and get ready for tomorrow. 

It can be simple, but I know it’s easier said than done. I’ve been there and some days I’m still there. You are not alone! 

Don’t confuse restructuring your foundation & strategic plan with a black hole full of to-dos and never ending “should’s” that never make it into reality. Take it one step at a time and the space will start opening up! 

See you next week! 

Brooke Scott, MBA

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