The Misconception Of Establishing Your "Why" -

The Misconception Of Establishing Your “Why”

When starting something new, whether it’s hiring on a team, revamping your key performance indicators, or outlining your operating procedures, the first question we are asked, is why.

Why do you want to do this?
Why is this transformational? 
Why should this be my focus?
Why would this be beneficial to do?
Why does this matter?

What most don’t realize, is that these aren’t just surface level questions asking for a matter-of-fact reason for your actions. Deciding ‘why’ you’re doing something, extends past the simple answer of, “Because I want to… Because it feels right… Because why not?” These are ALL valid answers and can absolutely be acted upon in the right setting, but diving into the purpose of how you are performing these decisions, is so much more. 

Before establishing your true north and core foundation behind your mission and purpose, evaluate key components in your strategic vision. 

Does this align with your principals, goals, and values?
Does this align with your time management, focus, stress-management, and work-life balance? 
What pieces need to be combined in order to define and express this ‘why’?

It extends further than the simplicity of why we might choose to use one pen over the other, or one outline for project mapping over another. It’s how tools, processes, time, alignment, purpose, etc., make an impact in how we perform and deliver. 

While you look into discovering your why, look at the process as: 
• A way to increase productivity in an area that may have been neglected
• A way to identify strengths and weaknesses to capitalize on more opportunity
• A way to set your tone and direction
• A constantly evolving plan that can be changed, updated or re-done at any point

Allow yourself to take a step back and look at the bigger picture – the outcome – before establishing your ‘why’ or before blindly making a decision. You never know how one small change could impact the overall outcome.

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