Consistency In The Little Things & The Impact They Hold In Your Business

Consistency In The Little Things & The Impact They Hold In Your Business

You hear it all the time. “It’s the little things that matter.” But, it’s not until something big happens that you take a step back to re-evaluate what the cause of the change was. And, most of the time, we don’t even realize that it was something as small as when you did something, or even something that you did, just to get it done. 

Maybe, your laundry is covered in ink. If you would’ve just taken the pen out of your jeans pocket, a whole pile of your favorite clothes wouldn’t be covered in harsh-black ink globs. 
Maybe, your car breaks down on a road trip you took because you had an emergency. If you would’ve gotten your oil changed when it was due, instead of waiting until you ‘had time’, you wouldn’t be late or missing that moment. 

The same applies to how you run your business. If you aren’t taking the ‘annoying’ time to fix the spacing on your website, your end result won’t be visually marketing to the eye and could drive potential clients away for lack of consistency and professionalism in your own product. 
If you don’t spell check and customize your proposals to the specific client, your work ethic will come across as lazy, inconsistent, and show the client you ‘don’t necessarily care’ to edit the documents that could make or break your client relationship. 

It all comes down to the little things. In life, or in business. Showing up with your hair brushed to look presentable, or editing your onboarding pitch to a new field of clientele, projects that you show up. It tells those in contact with you, that you took the time to prepare, and that you care about not only the end result but the process of getting there. 

Be intentional. Practicing intention and purpose FIRST leads to building relationships (which – those testimonials bring in more clients than blind marketing), clarity in your mission, consistency in your deliverables, streamlined workflows, less stress and pressure, and the ultimate customer experience.

So, I challenge you today. Show up for the little things. Take the extra step to update your font style in your branding. Take 5 extra minutes to re-read your proposal and add a few things (tasks, freebies, responsibilities, etc.), just because, to show you care. Send an extra check-in to your clients this week. You never know how those little things will impact your reputation, and the end result. 

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